• Since 1982 Osteopathic Trusts Ltd. has supported several research projects. A one hundred patient pilot trial of osteopathic manipulation for low back pain has been completed and served the purpose of confirming the effectiveness of osteopathic manipulation, refining methodology, and developing new concepts of progress assessment. Facilities have also been provided for an assessment of interactions of osteopathic and general practice, and an investigation of physical examination recording and inter-observer reliability. Co-operation with the Institute of Human Performance of University College London in putting on an MSc course over recent years has provided many opportunities for research initiatives. To date the Trusts has funded a post-graduate engineer full-time over one year developing apparatus to measure the mechanical compliance of electrically silent muscle. In co-operation with the Welsh National School of Medicine a trial of osteopathic care of low back pain in general practice has been performed supported by funding from the Trusts. The Trust has also supported a trial in the treatment of restless leg syndrome using Strain Counterstrain techniques.

    The College is a founder member of the Council for Osteopathic Educational Institutions and the National Council for Osteopathic Research.