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Safeguarding your experience?

Assurances of professional competency

The London College of Osteopathic Medicine demands the highest standards of its Clinical Tutors, trainee osteopaths, and qualified practitioners who hold clinics on the College premises.

  • All Clinical Tutors are professionally registered with the General Osteopathic Council, and most are also registered with the General Medical Council. These registrations are verified every 5 years.
  • All trainees enrolled on the London College of Osteopathic Medicine membership course hold a primary medical qualification recognized by the General Medical Council. Each trainee’s progress is monitored by Clinical Tutors and by the College through a system of continuous assessment.
  • All qualified practitioners holding clinics on the College premises are registered with the appropriate professional body (usually the General Osteopathic Council), and possess the required professional indemnity.
  • The management of clinics and consulting rooms within the College is monitored by a committee that meets regularly.

The London College of Osteopathic Medicine aims to ensure that every client’s visit is a positive experience, resulting in the alleviation or resolution of symptoms. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your consultation, we would welcome your feedback. Please contact the Reception team, either by telephone, letter or in person, and we will look into the matter carefully.

You can also give feedback to the National Council for Osteopathic Research via their PILLARS project.

Client Testimonials

“... I started seeing the osteopath because of problems with my neck and upper back caused by spending long periods of time on the computer at work. The practice staff are friendly and professional and I'm really happy with the treatment I have received - it's been effective and I've been given lots of practical advice on things I can do while working to relieve discomfort in between my check up appointments. RG, London ...”

“... I spent several months unsuccessfully visiting another osteopathic practice trying to alleviate distressing neck pain, tingling and numbness in my elbow and fingers as well as lower back pain that prevented me sleeping at night. Within weeks of attending the clinic I responded to the treatment, which involved applying manipulation techniques to my body rather than being strapped up to a contraption for the whole session, as had been my previous experience. The discomfort and symptoms that I was experiencing has substantially reduced and feel much more comfortable in my body. My therapist is very engaging and I always feel at ease. The reception staff are welcoming and will also give reminder call the day before appointments. MW, London ...”

“... I was suffering terrible neck pain and a colleague told me about the clinic. I called and got an appointment the very next day. I have had three treatments and this along with the exercises I was given, and tips on sitting correctly at my desk I have seen so much improvement and am now pain free. JB ...”

“... I made an appointment at the training clinic as an old sports injury to my ankle was playing up. The student who was looking after me was very thorough in his assessment and made sure I was comfortable and discussed my case with his supervisor before starting treatment. I found this very reassuring. I have booked a follow up appointment, but I already feel some benefit after just one treatment. The consultation and treatment were not at all rushed. I really felt both the trainee and the supervising osteopath were giving me their full attention ...”