Teaching Methods

  • Interactive dynamic small group learning is the format for the majority of teaching.

    Non-clinic teaching by means of presentations, discussions and interactive seminars.

    Clinic-based teaching is never greater than one tutor to five students focusing on the patients under the student’s care. It is more structured in the early part of the course.

    Students often have varied medical backgrounds and are expected and facilitated to identify their own learning needs during the course.

    Teaching is provided by the faculty of the college which has a wide range of medical and osteopathic experience.

    Technique and other teaching usually takes place in our dedicated main teaching room, or in our smaller teaching room.

    Students are required to keep a patient log throughout the course and a manipulative technique log in the latter stage of the course. These logs are not part of the assessment process, but may be used as additional information if a student’s performance is borderline in finals. The experience is learner centered and students will be required to demonstrate they are identifying and resolving their personal learning needs by a documented reflective process.