Teaching Methods

  • Interactive dynamic small group learning is the format for the majority of teaching.

    Non-clinic teaching by means of presentations, discussions and interactive seminars.

    Clinic-based teaching. There is one tutor for five students or concurrent patient consultations. This provides a high level of interaction with students and tutors. Students will work in pairs in consultations some of the time in the first three months of the clinic learning, to promote learning, and as part of joint learning and support. Students then progress to seeing patients in a one to one consultation. All consultations are supervised by faculty.

    Students often have varied medical backgrounds and are expected and facilitated to identify their own learning needs during the course, as well as direction from faculty.

    Teaching is provided by the faculty of the college which has a wide range of medical and osteopathic experience.

    Technique and other teaching usually takes place in our dedicated main teaching room, or in our smaller teaching room.